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Temples and National Parks Visited

Most of the time I am happy to stay at home so I have to have a few visual cues to prompt me to take a trip once in awhile. One of them is a large map of the United States on my wall with push pins indicating temple grounds visited (green), temples where I […]

Past Pictures: 25 Years Of House Anniversaries

Each year in October, on the anniversary of the day we moved into our home, we take photographs of our family on the steps and just the children in front of our tree. Jill’s idea was to build up a collection of photographs to look back on. On this the 25th house anniversary year, we […]

Moving Out. Moving In.

  Moving Out Jake and Rachel got the keys to their new house yesterday. Today we moved them out of their rented duplex and into their first home. A lot of family members turned out to help them move and I captured the historic moment for Rickety.     Moving In Thank you everyone for […]

How to Save Money on Gas

My guest writer is Robert Lobitz of Performance Chips Direct. There is nothing more fun than taking a leisurely drive and enjoying the exploration and excitement that comes with a new location. The trouble is, increasing costs have limited not just what people want to do, but also what they are actually able to do. […]

Will China Help Debt-Stricken Europe?

Introducing writer David Brown, a content manager with a multinational corporation. David writes on a variety of news topics with a strong focus on finance. His interests include money related issues, entertainment news, and a blog The Book Haven. The European Union might ask for Chinese help to end the ongoing debt crisis. Nicholas Sarkozy […]

Past Pictures: Jill and Baby

 Jill has been scanning slides of late to preserve them digitally. For those that know our family can you guess: Where the photograph was taken? The year and month? Who is Jill holding? Update Sarah guessed correctly: McKay-Dee Hospital, Ogden. December 1983. Sarah. Here is the full image, which with all the pink would have […]

Simple Water Heater Emergency Heat

This year’s Halloween nor’easter has started me thinking about how to heat my apartment if the power goes out for an extended period of time. If the water and gas are still on, one possibility is to make a simple hydronic heating system using the water heater. The basic idea is to hook a hose […]