Sam Houston On Government

Sam Houston's head
In March I was travelling along I-45 when I saw Sam Houston, larger than life. His statue, near Huntsville, Texas, towers 67 feet in a clearing by the freeway. On the base of the statue I spied a plaque inscribed thus:

The great misfortune is that a notion obtains with those in power that the world, or the people, require more governing than is necessary. To govern well is a great science, but no country is ever improved by too much governing…most men think when they are elevated to position that it requires an effort to discharge their duties and they leave common sense out of the question.

The best part of this quote by Sam Houston is saved till last: “Govern wisely and as little as possible!”

If our current state governments would take those seven words to heart we would soon see improving economies and happier people.

Sam Houston

Derek, Bryson, Sarah, Jill, and Rick at the feet of Sam Houston

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  1. John Wm. Vinson Benson III says:

    Concerned Parties:
    My Great Great Grandmother,Johanna Troutman Green Vinson,originally of Knoxville,Georgia,was 16 years old when sewed a flag,destined to be known as the Lone Star Flag.
    The historical figures,associated with the Republic of Texas,it’s founding and freedom,were a far cry from the thieving,sexual deviates,we now have in our country.
    This country belongs to me,and us.True patriots.We are NOT all Americans.Not everyone belongs here.This country is not for the weak,and soon,the creator of this great land,will have had enough.They will be sorted out like rotted fruit,and replaced again by men and women,hand picked,by Him.Houston,Travis,Austin…men of Honor,Character,and supernatural Strength.

  2. Nice post about Sam Houston. There is a massive web site about his life ( with lots of photography, videos, links, free teaching tools, maps, podcasts, etc., and there’s also a Facebook page.

    We forget how important Houston was to the United States. Everyone thought he would be President at some point. But the sovereignty of nearly 1/3 of today’s lower 48 (including Utah) changed hands and became part of the U.S. ultimately because of Sam Houston’s victory at the Battle of San Jacinto.

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