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12 Beautiful Mongolian Landscape Photographs

Here are some landscapes most of us will never see. As you can see from the photographs, Mongolia is a very beautiful and varied country.

Rickety: Top Ten Blog Posts of 2009

There may be one other blogger out there, besides me, who is interested in my top ten posts of 2009. Maybe not. Anyway, here are my top ten from 1 January 2009 to 30 December 2009.

Testing Our APack Ready Meals

I assembled a discerning team of eight for the taste testing. If this crew is happy then APacks will go into our 72 hour kits. Click for the long story. The short story is we liked the meals.

Caption Competition

This is the first in a series of caption competitions.

Mongolian Moments #8

Daniel has heard of missionary’s eyelashes freezing together and says he looks forward to have it happen to him.

Missionary Dan Email #9 from Choibalsan, Mongolia

This week was a little harder to do missionary work. Everyone is busy getting ready for the new year. Elder Od Bayar and I still did alright on our work though. We found three new investigators which was quite an accomplishment.

Patrick Henry Caucus Supports Lawsuit Against Feds

The Patrick Henry Caucus is calling on the leaders from all States to join in the effort to file a lawsuit against the federal government in order to stop the federal health care bill. The Patrick Henry Caucus says the national health care bill is unconstitutional on two counts.

Memories of Childhood

My brothers and I used to cycle the country lanes in the summer, our goal being to reach the old church. Not for any religious reason but just because it was a convenient landmark. The grounds around the church were quiet and we liked to feed the ducks in the nearby pond.

Mongolian Moments #7

The horse pizza Daniel and his companion made and consumed themselves without incident. The goat stomach was in the Byyz that Daniel ate at a member’s house but didn’t hold down. At the time he thought the byyz tasted different.