Brigham City Utah Temple Lot

Brigham City Utah Temple lot

Brigham City Utah Temple lot

The announcement of the Brigham City Utah Temple was made by LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson at the opening of the 179th Semiannual General Conference of the church in Salt Lake City on 3 October 2009.

We continue to build temples. We desire that as many members as possible have an opportunity to attend the temple without having to travel inordinate distances. Worldwide, 83 percent of our members live within 200 miles of a temple. That percentage will continue to increase as we construct new temples around the world.

The Brigham City temple will be the 14th in Utah. The announcement of a new temple underscores the expected population and business growth many expect Box Elder County to enjoy. There are new businesses in the county and many new homes are expected in the future.

On October 26, 2009, Church officials announced that the temple and tabernacle will be face-to-face across Main Street on a city block known as Central Square that once was home to Central Elementary School. The temple will be built on the property at 250 S. Main St., directly west of and across the street from the church’s Brigham City Tabernacle at 251 S. Main. The block is bordered in both directions along Main Street by retail businesses and to the west by private residences.

The Brigham City Utah Temple District will be formed from stakes currently belonging to the Ogden Utah Temple District and the Logan Utah Temple District. No completion date has been announced, nor have any plans about the design or size.

In the photograph you can see the Brigham City tabernacle through the trees. Main Street is between the tabernacle and the grassless vacant land where the new temple will be built. The grass and the paved area are also part of the temple lot.

I hope to post more photographs as work progresses.

Photo Credit: Susan Ward
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  1. Good information about the temple lot. I’m excited to hear what the plans for the building will be.

  2. Temples are some of the most gorgeous structures ever built. I love the ones that are dome or pyramid like. Unfortunately there aren’t any near where I live, so I definitely would have to drive a ways to visit one.

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