Some American words rendered in English

We Speack English sign.
When acquaintances learn I am from England one of the first things they talk about are words. Everyone knows that the hood of a car is really a bonnet. Or that gas should be called petrol. But Rickety is Rickety the world over. Over the years I have compiled a list of American words and their counterparts in English. Some of the English words are really slang, for example an American who is sarcastic would still be sarcastic in England. Cheeky is merely slang for sarcastic. However, the table below for the most part represents some true differences in American and English word usage.

Before proceeding I must mention one short conversation I had with a lovely American lady. This illustrates that there are more differences than just a few words:

Are you from England?
I could tell by your accent, it is really cute.
My wife thinks so too.
Where in England are you from?
From Crewe in Cheshire.
Do you have Thanksgiving in England?
No, but we do give thanks the pilgrims left.

American English
Apartment Flat
Baby stroller Pram
Bad guy Rotter
Bar Pub
Candy Sweet
Cookie Biscuit
Cop Bobby
Crib Cot
Diapers Nappies
Elevator Lift
Expensive Dear
Extravagant Posh
Flat Puncture
Freeway Motorway
French fries Chips
Garbage can Dustbin
Gas Petrol
Good-bye Cheerio
Grandma Granny
Guy Bloke
Hood Bonnet
Line Queue
Liquor store Off-licence
Mom Mum
Movie Film
Overcoat Mac
Pants Trousers
Parking lot Car park
Popsicles Ice lollies
Potato chips Crisps
Rest stop Lay-by
Rest room Toilet
Sarcastic Cheeky
Senior citizens Old age pensioners
Soccer Football
Steal Pinch
Subway Underground
Television Telly
Thanks “Ta”
Truck Lorry
Trunk Boot
Underpass Subway
Vacation Holiday
Welfare Dole
Yard Garden