Labor Day Breakfast

Rain forced us to eat inside but the cooks only needed a canopy. Daniel, Jake, and Andrew get their breakfast. Cotton Candy for everyone.

Paul eating his Labor Day breakfast.


This morning Jill and I ate out. The Kaysville 14th Ward’s annual Labor Day Breakfast was in progress. There was only one menu but was it ever good. Bacon, ham, eggs, hash browns, milk, orange juice, and pancakes. It was raining so we ate in the cultural hall of the chapel. The cooking proceeded outside with two rickety canopies as a shield against the rain. The planned car wash was canceled because of the weather but the carnival items proceeded inside. There was cotton candy and animals made out of balloons, you’ve seen them, the long skinny kind. There were various games the children could play and win prizes. Jill and I just visited with friends for quite awhile. Our children, Paul, Jake, and Daniel appeared with Andrew for breakfast. Andrew got Paul out of bed and drug them all here to eat. In past years I have helped cook the breakfast but this year I took the day off.

The rest of you enjoy your Labor Day — it’s back to work tomorrow!
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