Retiling the Bathroom

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The bathroom off of the master bedroom needed the rickety old linoleum floor replacing. Two of my sons volunteered to lay the tile. Follow their work in this photographic record.

Remove Linoleum

The large hole in the side of the wall was where I cut the sheetrock to find out where the shower was leaking. The smaller hole in the wall is for the toilet roll holder.

The first job is to strip the linoleum. This doesn’t take very long and could be fun if you are in the right frame of mind.

Remove Toilet

Paul (left) and Daniel (right) unbolt the toilet and take it outside. We now have an outside toilet for a few days. Not to worry, we do have an operational second bathroom. After all it is America.

Paul’s shirt says, “You couldn’t pay me to do this.” Correct, you won’t be paid. Daniel’s shirt says, “I hear voices and they don’t like you.” My shirt says, “Get back to work!”

Finish Removing Linoleum

The rest of the linoleum is removed. I was expecting a smell from the sewer but I was pleasantly surprised when there was none. Of course I wasn’t as close to the action as were Paul and Daniel. Occasionally I came in to take photographs — you know the important stuff.

Remove the Subfloor

Daniel works on removing the subfloor. This is a little more labor than removing the linoleum but it is soon completed. This project took several days to complete because Daniel digs post holes during the day and Paul was in college. However there were no complaints. Expert craftsman need their space.

Now it is time to stop removing and begin adding.

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