Why Are You Active?

My sons and I ready for Stake Priesthood Meeting 2006

Every week I attend a priesthood meeting for fifty minutes. The question “Why Are You Active?” was asked in priesthood meeting in our ward today. A companion question was “Why are some not active?” There were twenty-five high priests in the room who commented thus:

Why are you active?

  • Some are deeply converted.
  • Attendance at church is good for you because of the strong influence, which in turn is good for others that come in contact with you.
  • You are touched by the Spirit in the meetings and feel to return.
  • There is fellowship with other members.
  • Opportunities for service is always present. Interestingly at the time three separate sign up sheets were being circulated asking for volunteers.
  • Christian principles are learned.
  • It is a duty.

It was pointed out that the definitions of active and inactive need to be looked at broadly. The line between active and inactive needs to be a little more porous. And who is to be the judge?

Why are some not active?

  • They feel like they have nothing to offer.
  • Physical disabilities prevent attendance at many activities.
  • They work on a Sunday.
  • A lack of testimony.
  • Fear of being asked to pray, give a talk, or of a calling.
  • In large wards you may be less needed and can be a small fish in a big pond.
  • Traditions can get in the way.
  • Cost (by this I assumed tithing).
  • Crummy teachers.


We wound up by agreeing that we need to get to know people so that we can help with some of the fears. We can strengthen their rickety testimonies. Just being a good friend is the right thing to do.

So the question of the day is: Why are you active?