Chiastic Snack

One jar of pickled onions.
Two slices of wheat bread.
Three slices of cheese.
Two cut pickled onions.
One big mouth.

Jar of pickled onions imported from England

Preparing the sandwich

Mmmm tasty!

Of course the above is not a very good chiastic verse. One, two, and three are not the main objects in the sentences. Think more like bread, cheese, onions, and mouth. It could be re-written to demonstrate chiasmus much better. I will leave that as an exercise for the student. For more information on chiasmus, check out these Ensign articles:

Research and Perspectives: Hebrew Literary Patterns in the Book of Mormon
A Clear Poetic Voice

Square Meal

Last Sunday we went to Steven and Adelaide’s home to celebrate Jill’s birthday with a meal made by Adelaide, our daughter-in-law. It was great food and all served on square plates. It is Paul’s first square meal in quite awhile.

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