Christmas Letter 2011

Paul and Megan's wedding reception in Driggs, Idaho

Paul and Megan's wedding reception in Driggs, Idaho

Hi Friends and Family,

This is our fourth annual Christmas Letter blog post. We will send the URL to this page to friends and family with their Christmas cards. We have added a few events that happened too late in the season to be included in last year’s letter.

December 2010

Missionary Dan returned home from his mission. He came bearing gifts from afar and reported his mission in sacrament meeting.
A day after Daniel returned he attended Jake and Rachel’s marriage in the Bountiful Temple.

United States Capitol, Washington D.C.

United States Capitol, Washington D.C.


Daniel got a cool new girlfriend.
We had The Best Easter ever.
Toured the Carl Bloch: The Master’s Hand exhibition and the Model Railroad Festival.


We took a few local hikes, for example Ford Canyon and Shepard Creek Trail. We also camped at North Fork Park.
Checked up on the Spiral Jetty.
Went to the obligatory parades.
We took our grandchildren to the zoo to see the dinosaurs.
Took a trip to the Mesa Easter Pageant and the Grand Canyon. Jill really enjoyed her trip, as did we all. Daniel and Jill toured Washington D.C. with the Kent Ward family.
Rick surprised Jill with an anniversary trip to see The Little Mermaid at Tuacahn.
Paul and Megan were engaged. They married in the Rexburg Temple.


Jake and Rachel moved into their new home.

As we celebrate what really matters this Christmas season, we share with you some of James Tissot’s paintings to illustrate the birth of Christ, along with scriptures from Matthew and Luke.

We hope you have a very Merry Christmas,

Rick and Jill

Jake and Rachel at the Bountiful Temple

Jake and Rachel at the Bountiful Temple

Photo Credits
U.S. Capitol: Susan Ward
Paul and Megan wedding: Rowsell Photography
Jake and Rachel wedding: Still Timeless Photography


  1. How can Christians believe in Christmas – when it has nothing to do with the Lord. God gave his people 7 Holy days and 10 Commandments. …and Christmas and Easter is not one of them …Christians teach their children to believe in a LIE, and then get on to them when they do lie. Why do Christian tell their children to believe in Santa and the Easter bunny – when they know full well that is not the teachings of Jesus Christ. ….just wondering

    • I have also wondered about people telling children about Santa Claus when of course, as you say, rather bluntly, it is a lie.

      The Christians I know celebrate the birth of Christ in December and try to do even more service to others than they normally do.

      In the end we all have to choose our battles, we don’t have strength to fight for every single cause that comes along.

      As for me, I chose not to fight Father Christmas, but use my energy elsewhere.

      May I inquire as to your faith?

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