Edith Andersen Holst Part 3

Edith's children: Glenna, Dolores, and Robert

Edith's children: Glenna, Dolores, and Robert

My guest writer is Jill Willoughby, oldest grandchild of Edith Andersen Holst.

This is the third of three parts of the history of my grandmother, written by her on 21 May 1960. I have included Edith’s handwritten history in the first post.

Edith Andersen Holst, born 25 March 1908, died 10 August 1966, age 58.

In the park (click to enlarge)

Edith and Ross with their children and grandchildren

We have three children, Dolores born January 23, 1928. She married David Price and live in Salt Lake City, Utah. She taught school in Bear River 2 years also after being married she taught at West High also at Hillside Jr. High. She has three children Julie Anne, Cindy Sue & Kenneth David Price.

Robert was born in 3 Oct 1930. He married Janet Joy Jensen they have 4 children Jill Annette, Susan Joy, Scott Robert and Randy Ross Holst. He graduated from High School, joined the National & was called to active duty in the Korean campaign 19 Aug 1950. Received a honorable discharge as Sergeant 20 April 1952, graduated from National School for Radio & T.Y. 1955.

Glenna Ann was born 9 Aug 1932 she married Earl Lynn Andersen they live in Salt Lake City Utah. They both work in the church Lynn just completed a home missionary in 1960. They have 5 children Terry Ann, Michael Lynn, Deborah Kay, Diane Edith and Sandra.

The Edith Series

Posts in the series will be added here as they are published.

A page from the history of Edith's brother Glen showing Edith's children

A page from the history of Edith's brother Glen showing Edith's children


  1. Anonymous says

    Hey Jill I just re-read Grandma’s history. You did a wonderful job. I love being able to see all the pictures. Thanks again for all your hard work. Love , cousin Terry

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