Edith Andersen Holst

Edith with her mother and brothers

Edith with her mother and brothers

My guest writer is Jill Willoughby, oldest grandchild of Edith Andersen Holst.

This is the first of three parts of the history of my grandmother, written by her on 21 May 1960. I have included Edith’s handwritten history in this post.

Edith Andersen Holst, born 25 March 1908, died 10 August 1966, age 58.

Edith Andersen Holst

Edith Andersen Holst

I was born 25 March 1908, in Brigham City, Utah, a second child of Louis and Zina Jensen Andersen. I was raised and lived in Brigham City, Utah all my life.

My first home was in the first ward on 2nd East and 1st South, then we moved to 1st North & Main in a large red brick home. I remember cleaning the long stair case with a nail, brush and rag and taking all day to do it. I attended the Lincoln School for 6 years and it is located on the corner of 1st West and 3rd North. I went to Box Elder Jr. High 2 years and High School three years.

I quit school and went to work at Andy Pathakis Bakery. Spending most of my money on shoes and pretty hats also presents for Ben who was operated on his face and was very sick for a long time. A spider bit him and he had a tube in his cheek for a long time. He was the baby brother.

I also have 4 brothers and one sister who died when she was about 6 years old from typhoid fever. We had the funeral on the front lawn. My older brother is Edwin Lewis Andersen, Glen Lewis, Raymond Lorenzo and Benjamin Rex Andersen, I was the 2nd child and Alice was the fifth.

Some more photographs of Edith, when she was young.

Edith Andersen Holst life history part 1

Life History part 1

Edith Andersen Holst life history part 2

Life History part 2

To be continued.

The Edith Series

Posts in the series will be added here as they are published.


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