Rick Needs

Rick needs

Rick Needs

I last tried this in 2008 and it never fails to amuse me. It seems to work for almost any name. The idea is to search on Google with the words Rick needs, but substituting in your name. Then examine the first ten hits and extract the essence of the results and compile a list of what you supposedly need.
Here are the first ten Rick needs that Google listed when I searched tonight:

  1. What Rick needs. [This is my 2008 post.]
  2. Rick needs a massage.
  3. Rick needs a sparring pal.
  4. Rick needs to get his own show on Oprah.
  5. Rick needs numbers. [Rick went swimming with his phone and needs to rebuild his phone list.]
  6. Rick needs chord inversions.
  7. Rick needs an expert weapon smith.
  8. Rick needs moral support. [After rotator cuff surgery.]
  9. Rick needs more babies in Connecticut.
  10. Rick needs solid breath.

Interestingly, one of the commenters on the original 2008 post made a prediction that did indeed come about:

Over time, the browser will shift and new needs will appear…perhaps listing the rick’s needs sets about filling needs? (Galveston Wizard Comment)

Comparing the August 2008 results with today’s it looks like the only thing I still need from 2008 is a massage.

Try your name and see what you need. Then share the results.
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  1. Melissa needs:

    1-to go to google and search “Melissa needs” [first result really]
    2-lots of guidance [Amen!]
    3-life with two [I’ll interpret this to mean a significant other]
    4-to lose it . . . weight
    5-outnumbered and out of control [that would be what I was trying to answer calls after the storm in NY]
    6-a home [the post says I have been living in an animal shelter and they don’t know why]
    7-to take a break [yes, I do]
    8-to lose weight [again]
    10-to find a new agent

    • It looks like you have a lot of needs. Like all of us I guess. :)

      So were any of the people that called you from New York irate? And if so how did you handle that?

      • I’m happy to report that most people were patient and understanding. It was a very frustrating situation especially for people who were missing important events, like weddings and funerals. I did speak to a couple of people who said they would never fly the airline again and had a few people just hang up. I was blessed to have pretty nice calls I guess. When someone is upset I just do the best I can and tell them this is what I can do for you and I apologize for the inconvenience. Most people who start out irate end up saying something like, ” . . . I’m sorry, I know it’s not your fault, but . . . ” I guess one thing I do is listen.

        • Someone is mad at you when it is not your fault. But you are really calm and pleasant and listen. Then they calm down. It is a good feeling to be able to do that. To calm a person down is a wonderful gift you can give a person. There have been plenty of storms to give you practice.

  2. David needs…
    … a date
    … to become more tolerant, especially of emotions
    … a wash
    … the beach!
    … a wash – or at least a dry clean
    … five tackles in the Holiday Bowl
    … to do further investigations
    … grammar help
    … to shower
    … his Blackberry Bold

  3. Dan needs your help
    Dan needs to buy tomatoes to put on 30 turkey sandwiches
    Dan needs your help to answer a tough question
    Dan needs a kidney
    Dan needs to overcome himself to win
    Dan needs facebook
    Dan needs a slump buster
    Dan needs to change his pants
    Dan needs a hand
    Dan needs a girlfriend

  4. Derek needs…
    …a spotter
    …your numbers!
    …to draw this for our darn hats!
    …to learn to dance
    …a break from…
    …your bootlegs
    …to grow up
    …tshirt, lawn sign and hats

  5. Jacob wants was more interesting.

    Jacob wants…
    …to kill himself
    …his money
    …to buy three pairs of socks
    …a prize
    …to die?
    …to ‘Knock Some Sense’ into Obama
    …to talk about nightmares
    …to fight Obama
    …to play a game
    …a hat

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