Missionary Dan Email #32 from Vancouver, Washington

Daniel raking leaves

What a great week. We finalized Roberta’s (by filling out her baptism record we found out how to really spell her name) plans for her baptism this weekend. She is no doubt the most excited person to be baptized that I have ever taught.

To tell us the result of her interview she decided to have a little fun. We all sat down and she looked at me and looked at the other Elders, winked at Elder Powell then at me. Then waited for about 10 seconds, started twiddling her thumbs then jumped up and said, “I passed!” We gave her high fives and congratulated her. It was funny.

Yesterday, we helped her move around some furniture. We moved things this way and that way, back and forth, left and right. It took about a hour. You know… the average furniture moving process. We also enjoyed raking some leaves which we planned on doing sometime during the week, but found a break in the rain so we worked in our proselyting clothes. It is refreshing to do some service for others.

We had transfer calls on Saturday and this coming Wednesday is transfers. As I expected I’ll be staying with Elder Powell to continue training him. Three Elders in my district are being transferred so I’ll be able to meet the new ones and get to know them.

Also Saturday I received a call from President Greer and he told me about how 18 new missionaries were coming this transfer to the mission. He mentioned how it was quite the load and then went on to ask me if I’d be willing to train another elder for the remaining time on my mission. He said, “We’ll try to maximize your talent before you leave.” I have never heard of something like it, but told President I would do it.

I’ll be with Elder Powell and train him as well as train a brand new missionary to the field in a three-some. So basically train two at the same time. I thought for sure there would be no surprises, but you never know what is expected. I don’t feel like I am any different from any other elder who would be able to train, so it must be something President wants to happen.

The mission at this point has many new missionaries. It’ll be another adventure, a new situation I’ve not been in before and we’ll figure it out as we go, trusting the Lord to help us. Luckily Elder Powell is doing well and we are planning on doing more splits with members to double our efforts each evening. So counting up responsibilities I’ll be on triple duty. I am very humbled by it and I know the Lord will help me as I do the best I can. The Lord will be doing most of the work. I have always liked new missionaries and I am excited to meet my new final companion.

I liked how the stake went over to being online missionaries. President Greer received a letter a month or two ago encouraging missionaries to encourage members to go online. I have never had the chance to really look at Mormon.org, but we encourage members every time we see them to go on the website and make a profile.

I can see great things happening from it. As we have been tracting each week, it tends to be that we find people to teach, but they drop off over the next 2 to 3 weeks. So it isn’t completely ineffective, it just doesn’t work too well. I counted just the other day and since I have been here we have found and then dropped or been dropped by 30 investigators. The people that continue to meet with us from week to week either have really good Mormon friends or they were member referrals in the beginning. So I can say that Mormon.org is a great approach to finding people! Good job Dad at being there already.

Thanks for all the support. I am doing great and look forward to coming to the wedding and feel lucky to not be apart of all the planning. Ha ha take blessings where you can get ’em. :)

Love, Elder Willoughby

Daniel performing yardwork

Elder Daniel Willoughby is serving in the Washington Kennewick Mission. If you want to communicate with Daniel, write in the comments or use one of these addresses.
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