Adelaide’s Birthday

Adelaide's Birthday

This month was Adelaide’s birthday and we celebrated by eating at her parents house. There was a lot of gifts and a few pseudo-presents for Adelaide. For example, Steven gave her a pile of beef jerky. Now really, do we all think that Adelaide wolfs down that much jerky? :)

The signed copy of the book, It’s In The Bag, was from me. Here are a few birthday photographs, click on the images to enlarge. Incidentally, Adelaide has a new hair style. She had a deadline of her birthday to get it cut.

Adelaide's Birthday

Adelaide's Birthday

Adelaide's Birthday
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  1. This is too funny – the presents she got were a bulbs, a book, beef jerky and towels. That’s what I call a disappointing birthday!

    I would recommend a different jerky, too – the Oberto and Jack Links are so full of chemicals! I love stuff called Mountain America Jerky – it’s crazy good stuff.

    Maybe for the next birthday you could try things like — oh, I don’t know, what would any woman like — earrings, gift cards to favorite clothes stores, etc :-) !!

  2. Wow that’s I lot of Jerky you got for your Birthday, Have you try some local Jerky, Mountain Ranch Smokehouse in Fruitland, Utah makes the best Jerky is 100% naturally smoked, is a family recipe, my friend in BYU introduced me to it, and being addicted to it ever since.

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