Free Books #1

Free booksMy bookshelf is overflowing so I have used books to give away. The guidelines (subject to refinement) are:

  • Request a book in the comments.
  • You must be local to Kaysville, Utah. I will not mail books.
  • Currently requests are limited to those who know me and/or know where I live.

The books:

  1. The Majesty of Books Sterling W. Sill
  2. Mormon Fortune Builders Lee Nelson
  3. Abraham Lincoln Carl Sandburg (softcover)
  4. The Church Years J. Reuben Clark
  5. Gospel Ideals David O. McKay (softcover)
  6. Halo The Fall of Reach Eric Nylund (softcover)
  7. Children of Dune Frank Herbert (softcover)
  8. What To Expect — The Toddler Years Arlene Eisenberg etc. (softcover)
  9. Doctrinal New Testament Commentary (3 volumes) Bruce R. McConkie
  10. Letters From Rifka Karen Hesse (softcover)


Receiving no takers, I have recently donated these books and several others to Deseret Industries.
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  1. Mormon fortune builders… My fiancĂ© had been searching for this book. I think it will make the perfect valentine gift :)

  2. Will you please email me so we can figure a time I can come pick the book up. Thanks!

    • Unfortunately back in December I donated all the these books (and 150 others) to Deseret Industries. I should update this post to say that. O well, guess you won’t be making your fortune after all. :)

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