Missionary Dan Email #9 from Vancouver, Washington

Lucia Falls, Vancouver

Lucia Falls, Vancouver

There was a lot of changes this week. It took about ten minutes to drive to my new area, so it’s close to where I still was. It is a great area and my new companion is Elder Derges. He was originally born in Russia and was adopted by an American family that lives in Missouri when he was 13. He has a little bit of an accent, but that’s all you can tell about him being Russian. He works hard and we get along great. We live in an apartment with two other elders, Elder Zollinger and Elder Draper. Elder Draper was a waiting for a visa to go to Mongolia, but wasn’t able to go. We enjoy talking with each other.

My address:

12608 NE 72nd St. B 14
Vancouver, WA 98682

The ward is great and was very friendly. We have been fed very well and members come out with us almost every night. We have a young man preparing to go on a mission and he spends Mondays with us up till dinner. We took him tracking and he did great on his first door.

I figured I’d be permanently assigned to this mission. It is a good place to be. I’ve learned many things. It would be awesome to get to go back to Mongolia some time after my mission. I guess I’d better get saving.

We had fun going out when it was pouring rain on Sunday morning. We got soaked and were dripping wet. The locals say it is very unusual that it is raining this much in June.

I was surprised to become District leader, for only being in the mission for three months. We had a training meeting on Friday so I’ll get the hang of it. The elders are great in my district and I look forward to learning new things from them.

Thanks for the pictures, Dad, they looked great! The things you did in city council was awesome too. Keep up the good work. I don’t know about having a pink computer… seems like… well… the paint job was nicely done. Good job Adelaide. Thanks for the continued support and letters.

Jake and Mom, Elder Draper would like a Mongolian General Conference CD and my new companion Elder Derges would like one in Russian. That’d be great if you’d do that.

Love, Elder Willoughby

Elder Daniel Willoughby is serving in the Washington Kennewick Mission. If you want to communicate with Daniel, write in the comments or use one of these addresses.

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