Eco-Friendly Green Paper Shredder

Eco-Friendly Green Paper Shredder

My eco-friendly green paper shredder was converted from a normal everyday paper shredder you buy at Target. I fed too much paper into it and stripped the gears. My son Paul repaired it by connecting a handle to the shredding mechanism from parts lying around in the garage.

Now I can save the planet by not having to use any electricity when I shred my private papers. I do have to remember to turn the crank counter-clockwise when I shred. It would be more intuitive to crank clockwise but that is not the way it works.

A small price to pay to go green.
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  1. Hey Rickety — love that you didn’t give up when the motor on that thing gave up! Way to recycle! You get mega gold stars for reinventing your broken shredder – and then telling the world about it — we need more resourceful people like you!
    I saw an article about a lady who lost her job and then started a craft or art shop or whatever online re-using old clothes (scroll way to the bottom if you are going to read about it for the link – her name is Mary)
    anyway good on you!!

  2. Remstar CPAP says

    That’s a great way to go green with your paper shredder. I’ve been searching for ways to be greener and I applaud you for that. Good job!

  3. Its too amazing to see the paper shredder work without electricity. It saves extra energy and can be used anytime when required.

  4. Paul your a freeking genius

  5. Jill Andersen says

    Ingenious! I thought that I was the only one who would attempt to repair a jammed paper shredder.

  6. Love It!! Those smaller motors usually burn out trying to shred too much at one time. Now its just as strong as you are.

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