All Is Well In Kaysville Again

Jake and Rachel at the budget hearing

Jake and Rachel at the Kaysville City Budget Hearing

All is well in Kaysville again for me but maybe not for many others. I went to the Kaysville City budget hearing this evening, as suggested by Mayor Steve Hiatt, to request that the electricity billing be improved. Jake and Rachel came with me to lend support. We arrived early before most people showed up. Eventually there were around 80 people in attendance, three-quarters of them Kaysville City employees. Several of them spoke about salaries (there are no raises this year) and some requested newer equipment. The Mayor made sure everyone who wanted to had a opportunity to speak, just like he said he would do during his campaign.

As I pondered what they were saying it reminded me of the 5% pay cut I took three years ago, along with many other engineers at Hill Air Force Base. It wasn’t until this year that my wages finally caught up. Cuts in wages and/or benefits are not easily forgotten and when circumstances change in favor of the employees one shouldn’t be surprised when they leave for better prospects.

Speak Before The Council

When it was my turn to get up and speak to the Council I found it a different experience than speaking in Church. At Church there are maybe 300 to 400 in the congregation but most of them I know. The Council on the other hand, I do not know and have only spoken to Mayor Hiatt once when he wasn’t the mayor but wanted to be. At Church a good number of the congregation is being distracted by children, or are talking to each other, looking around, not listening, or have fallen asleep, some with their eyes open. And once I start speaking a few more will fall asleep. However, there are several in the congregation giving smiles of encouragement and many others that look like they might be interested in what I have say.

As I stood before the Council they were all paying close attention, looking at me intently, and not a smile on any of their faces. It was somewhat intimidating but I pressed on. Fortunately I felt I was well versed in the facts of my request.

A Redesign

One of the city employees, the Finance Director, Dean Storey, told the Council that the utility bill was being redesigned and would make it clear at what rate(s) electricity was being paid. Dean also explained about Demand Charges for commercial customers. If a customer demands a lot of power in a short time period they have to pay extra power charges. This does not apply to residences.

So all is well in Kaysville again. At least for me. For now.

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7 February 2011 — I have changed the post to improve clarity by adding headings and replacing “Budget Man” with “Finance Director, Dean Storey.”
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  1. During the hearing one of the policemen noted that most of Kaysville probably doesn’t know there is only one cop on duty during the night. That one cop, he claimed, had to cover 20,000 people. It seems like that would be an easy way to get a few extra minutes to commit a crime – get a buddy to do a fake 911 call from the other side of town and the single cop would respond to that call. You would then be free to do whatever until the cop finished responding to the fake call.

    After thinking for a bit, I realized that I don’t worry too much with only one cop. Kaysville is a small quiet town, and I am sure 90% of the time not even that one cop is needed. Correct me if I am wrong, but if two cops are needed, Farmington and Layton are right next door and their night-time police are able to respond if our cop happens to be tied up. Kaysville seems to be doing things right in terms of keeping the city safe.

    • I would think that most homeowners in Kaysville have guns which would be a deterrent. Also, almost everyone is home at night. So the police can focus more on the commercial section.

      However, I don’t mind paying more taxes to have more police.

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