Adelaide’s Pink Computer

Pink computer

On a recent visit to Steven and Adelaide’s home I spied some pink computer parts in the driveway. Steven was preparing a surprise for Adelaide by spray painting her computer pink. You can see in the photograph to the right that he partially disassembled the monitor to avoid getting paint on the screen. Steven bought a pink keyboard rather than paint the existing one — very wise.

Pink computer partsAdelaide wasn’t allowed outside to see the proceedings and had to keep her eyes closed when the completed project was brought in and placed in front of her. I think she liked the result. I am sure Aurora’s baby sister, due this month, will like it too.

I had a different opinion. I said:

If I had to use a pink computer to access the Internet I would give up surfing.

However, if one does have a pink computer one must absolutely have these accessories:

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  1. When I was younger I tried to color my computer case in green. But the result was “unsatisfiable” and I remained disappointed.

  2. Don’t forget the pink webcam or the pink external hard drive or the pink flash drive.

  3. Nice one i am very interested to seeing this.
    keep posting.

  4. I will buy it later for my daughter. but it’s hard for me to get the pink cover like yours

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