Vancouver in the Rain

This is the movie that Daniel sent with his last email. I think he wanted to demonstrate that it is wet in Washington. Indeed the western side of Washington receives as much as 160 inches of precipitation annually, making it the wettest area of the 48 lower states (by comparison Utah receives 15 inches annually). Weeks or even months may pass in Washington without a clear day.

If you cannot see the video click here.
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  1. Paula N. says

    On the other hand, Eastern Washington is very, very dry. We get less precipitation than Utah does, I believe. (Although right now I can’t find the page I looked at a while back giving that information. If I find it, I’ll send it on …) We went to Forks (in Western Washington) over spring break, and man the weather there was unbelievable! We had pouring rain, sun, HAIL, mist, more rain, HAIL again, on and on for three days. I saw more hail while in Forks than I’ve seen in 5 years here in Kennewick.

    • I read where it was 6 inches a year, which is certainly less than Utah as a whole. The 15 inches I quoted for Utah was for the Wasatch Front.

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