Caption Competition #3 Winner

Sean on the range

Sean, when he is not writing captions, likes to spend time outdoors

As judges, mine and Jill’s captions were excluded from the competiton. Thank you all for the funny and insightful captions.

Sean is this week’s caption winner.

  • First — “And that’s when Steven found out what Soylent Corn on the Cob was made out of…” Sean
  • Second — Me: “Oh. So when you said ‘Delete the files for backup’ what you meant was I just needed to clean up my files before the backup ran? My bad!”
    Seven minutes earlier: “I found the coolest command – it deletes a whole folder as if it never existed. I thought it sounded way more fun than deleting each individual file.” Adelaide
  • Third — “Hey Steven, where did you leave Aurora?” Melissa

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