Mongolian Moments #10

Mongolian Moments #10
Choibalsan is indeed close to Russia and China. The Russian border, to the north, is 200 miles away by road. China, to the east, is less than 50 miles distant as the crow flies. Preach My Gospel says this about culture:

Culture and language are closely related. Understanding the culture will help explain why language is used the way it is. Strive to understand the culture of the people so that you can communicate the unique aspects of the message of the Restoration in a way that will be clear to them.
One of the greatest things you can do to gain people’s trust and love is to embrace their culture in appropriate ways. Many great missionaries have done so (see 1 Corinthians 9:20–23). Seek to have the people feel comfortable with you and your language.

I know that in this case the culture that the missionaries would be concerned about would be the Mongolian culture. But then the comic wouldn’t work.

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  1. Elder and Sister Anderson says:

    We have been in Choibalsan for a month now, we are still getting used to the culture and the food. Some of the food is great, some I hope I never have to try! We are quickly falling in love with the people and are amazed at the depth of their testimonies, they are an amazing people! The missionaries are wonderful, they work hard and we can tell they enjoy each other and their work. Elder Willoughby is a good missionary, you can be proud of him! He works hard and the people in the Branch enjoy and love him! We, too, are enjoying getting to know and love him!

    • Thank you for your communication. Some of the food does sound somewhat unpalatable, I agree. It is always good to hear from others how Daniel is doing and we appreciate you telling us about him. We wish you every success on your mission.

      Love, Rick & Jill

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