Caption Competition #2

Rick and Aurora

Test your caption writing skills on this photograph of me with my granddaughter Aurora. I will update this post with the winning captions. For the last caption competition there were no prizes. However, this time the first prize (Kaysville and environs only) is a box of Haviland Orange Creme Thin Mints. Haviland Orange Creme Thin MintsThe mints were originally intended for our New Year’s Eve party but I spirited them away for such a time as this.

OK people, let loose with your humor and originality.

Photo: Mike Willoughby


As judges, mine and Jill’s captions were excluded from the competiton. Thank you all for the funny captions.

The first place winner, Ken, I do believe is not local so the prize passes to the second place caption. However, Derek, who lives in Texas is not local either so the prize goes to the third place entry. And Darrell is definitely local — he lives in the same ward as I do.

First — “Grandad, I don’t want to frighten you but there’s a Giant Shredded Wheat right behind you.” Ken
Second — “You stole the Thin Mints?!” Derek
Third — “Grandpa, I can’t believe how bad our outfits clash!” Darrell
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  1. ken wilkinson says

    “Grandad, I don`t want to frighten you but there`s a Giant Shredded Wheat right behind you.”

    • Ken,

      I had to bring up the photograph to see what you meant by “Giant Shredded Wheat”. Ha ha. That’s my new chair you are referring to :). Thanks for the caption.

  2. My grandpa! What big teeth you have.

  3. “Does he do any tricks?”

  4. Heh Grandpa, where are your teeth?

  5. “You stole the Thin Mints?!”

  6. Fortunately Aurora, you only got a few of my genes.

  7. Grandpa, do I HAVE to take a nap?

  8. Grandpa, I can’t believe how bad our outfits clash!

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