New Home In Layton

Steven, Adelaide and Aurora's new home.

Steven, Adelaide and Aurora's new home.

If you are a friend of Steven and wonder why he has not been online much in the last two days here is the explanation. Steven and Adelaide have purchased a home in Layton. Jill and I helped them move in today a few hours after closing. Two of Steven’s brothers and two of his cousins were also heavily involved in the move. To unload the refrigerator two of Steven’s friends kindly assisted.

Steven and Adelaide are very deserving home owners having worked and saved hard for this day. We are all very happy for them.
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  1. Did they take the ‘for sale’ sign out front down yet? Are they going to have all the tv channels with that big dish on the left side of the house? Looks nice.

    • The “for sale” sign is gone. Steven and Adelaide are not big television watchers, indeed they do not own a set so I doubt they will subscribe to pay TV. Since I canceled my subscription no-one has missed it. Thanks for the help with the move, you were a hard worker right to the end.

  2. Just read your comment on Problogger. I agree, having an encouraging teacher can make all the difference.

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