News From The Mongolia Ulaanbataar Mission

Mongolian Sunset.

Mongolian Sunset. Credit: Elder Dan Willoughby

The following is from the Mongolia Mission Moments July 2009 edition. President Andersen wrote that “Perhaps we should stop more often to recognize the significant accomplishments already accomplished, that we might have faith to continue to improve.”

  • A stake has been formed with full priesthood leadership.
  • A patriarch has been called.
  • Erdenet branch has been split. Other units should soon be able to split.
  • A new building will open in Khan-uul this month.
  • Sacrament meeting attendance has increased by 400 per month over last year.
  • Missionaries have increased from 90 to 180.
  • Local missionaries serving in Mongolia have increased from 30 to 120.
  • Baptisms increased from 488 in 2007 to 731 in 2008 to over 800 expected this year.

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