An X in The Road of History

X marks the location of a significant event in history.

X marks the location of…?

I have for you this evening a small puzzle. In the photograph I took today you see some feet and a large X in the road. The feet are mine and the X marks a significant event in history. The puzzle is to tell me what the event was.

I can tell you that the X is not the site of buried treasure. It is not part of a giant noughts and crosses game. And it isn’t where my cat was run over.

All will be revealed later this week in a post where I will include the best responses.


17 Mar 2009 Here is The Answer.
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  1. This is the location where JFK was hit by a bullet in Dallas, TX. The GPS coordinates are 32.77903, -96.80867.

  2. Correct. Well done.

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