What to Expect at a Mormon Church Service

A new website began in January 2009, Mormons Made Simple, has a mission to help set the record straight on what Mormons believe. It is not an official LDS Church website. The creators, Laurel and Doug, explain that with all the misinformation about Mormons on the web, they saw the need for plain and simple truth on the matter — YouTube style.

Laurel and Doug’s first foray into video production came during the campaign to pass Proposition 8 in California in 2008. They produced the video Proposition 8 — Made Simple over a weekend using a laptop, a Sharpie marker, and some photo slide-show software. They were pleasantly surprised when the video received over 350K views. That’s when they first began to realize the potential for simple, explanatory videos.

With the website being so new there are only two videos but more are promised. Embedded here is one of them called Attending a Mormon Church Service. It is accurate and helpful. I should point out that sometimes the meetings are in reverse order, in other words, Sacrament Meeting may be held last, as it is in my ward. If you want to see the other video, then go on right on over to Mormons Made Simple.

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