Sarah and Bryson Leave For Texas

Sarah and Bryson left for Texas today.

Jill, Sarah, and Bryson at the Salt Lake airport

It was a sad, rickety day as Sarah and Bryson prepared to leave for Texas. Derek has found work there so it was necessary to move. With Bryson being our first grandchild, and just starting to smile, he will be especially missed. However, Adelaide’s due date is seven days from now and so the newest arrival will receive all our lavish attention. Poor thing, I hope you know how to smile :) . Now I know why movie stars wear sunglasses — to protect themselves from all the flash photography. Jill is already planning a visit to Texas and I expect we will become quite familiar with the lone star state. The motto of Texas is friendship so if any of you Texans from Keller see Sarah about town be sure to say “Hi”.
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  1. Bryson did so good on the plane. I was happy. I was really worried he would scream the whole time. :)

  2. From the photograph at the airport he looks like it was no big deal to him. I’m going to have to call him Hank now that he is a Texan.

  3. ashley holst says

    say hi for me!!!!!!!!!!! please tell him i miss him too!

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