Missionary Dan Email #3 from Atlanta, Georgia

Presented here are portions of Elder Daniel Willoughby’s third email from the Georgia Atlanta Mission. Daniel’s departure for Mongolia has been delayed.

Elders Willoughby, Kwarteng, Mitchell, and Warner in Alabama.
Elders Willoughby, Kwarteng, Mitchell, and Warner

Thanks for all the pictures. Bryson has hair! Wow he is growing up fast and I think there will be a new baby soon as well. Its fun to see the family. I enjoy seeing the pictures. I realize how blessed I have been to have a great family. I love all of you very much and thanks for everything you did for me.

President Anderson only allows one email [per week] so this is the only one I can write so I will address separate people within the email. :)

Yesterday we heard we are leaving. On Thursday at 3:00 our plane leaves, that’s all I’ve heard. It is exciting to be leaving but I’ve also learned to love these people. They are great and I’m sad I couldn’t spend more time here. I am called to Mongolia and I’m more than excited to get to work there! I know I was sent here for a reason and the lessons I learned here in Alabama I will continue to reflect on the rest of my mission. Also the rest of my life. I learned a great deal about how this is God’s work and I am His servant. He decides if He’ll use me and I must do all I can to be prepared for when that moment comes.

To Jake:

Yeah I realized that a lot of preachers here rely simply on the grace of Christ and they will be saved. If that were true life would be utterly pointless. We are saved by grace only after all we can do. There is a lot of Baptist preachers that have churches as a business. So they listen politely then they go on forever. They are God’s children and He’ll provide them with the choice to accept the Gospel somehow.

To Mom:

You decide… Like I said I can only send one email and obedience is most important to be a good missionary for the Lord. I am striving to be exactly obedient. I hope the package gets here in time, otherwise who knows what we’ll do. Also with the picture everyday I’m going to start slowly smiling then by the end of my mission I’ll have this big smile. He he. I should have took more pictures here but I did get a few.

To MTC teachers:

So I left my Book of Mormon in the class room on the shelf. In it are two pictures of my family that are laminated. Could you please find them and send them to me somehow? I’m sure my Mom will pay you. :) Thanks. If it’s not possible I will do something else.

Love, Elder Willoughby.

If anyone wishes to ask Daniel a question or to send him a message, write it in the comments and I will make sure he receives it.


11 Feb 2009 This evening I received an email from the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission indicating that the missionaries’ departure has been delayed again until next Thursday.
13 Feb 2009 I just heard, via the mother of a missionary, that the departure may be for next Wednesday. Apparently the visas did not get to the right people in time to make the travel arrangements.

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