Bountiful Cheap Gas

Gasoline station in 1936, Tremont Avenue and Dock Street, Bronx.

Gas at 11 2/10 cents in 1936

I filled up my gas tank today with regular for $1.29 a gallon at an Exxon station in Bountiful, Utah. It looks like I filled up for 10 cents a gallon less than what the the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report lists as the average gas price for my area. I last filled the tank at the beginning of December. I used less gas this month because what little Christmas shopping I did was done over the Internet and I have been temporarily car-pooling the ten miles to work. Using use-or-lose vacation hours also cut down on my travel. Then President Bush kicked in another day off on the 26th with the signing of an executive order. If you are spending and traveling as little as I am, it’s going to be a long recession.

Out of curiosity, what did you pay for gas at your last fill up? Let me know in the comments how much you paid and where.
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  1. I paid $1.59/gallon for the last tank I purchased, here in Fort Lauderdale FL.

    Wow, it feels a lot better than the almost $5/gal I was paying not long ago.

  2. Dara, $5 a gallon is too much. I hope it doesn’t go anywhere near that price in long time.

  3. Wow, I’m in the UK and we’re paying about $7.50 a gallon over here based on 1.45 USD to a GBP.

  4. I remember when I lived in England gas always seemed expensive. Since the $1.29 fill up, gas has risen 30 cents. The price includes 18.4 cents federal tax and 42.9 cents Utah tax. I believe that in England its the tax that makes it expensive. When it went to over $4 here the state of Utah went to 10 hour days as did L-3 Communications and other companies. The idea is an extra day off would save the employees gas. I got to work flex time which can produce 4 ten hour days if I want. If gas gets to $6 a gallon maybe most of us can tele-commute.

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