Real Salt Lake v. New York Red Bulls

Real Salt Lake and New York Red Bulls before the crowd.

Obstacle Course

Rick and Jake at the game.
Yesterday evening Jake and I left the car in a Jordan School District parking lot west of I-15. We walked instead of taking the provided shuttle. As we neared the stadium we followed ten other people as they cut through a private parking lot. We walked along a dirt trail and came to a stream. It looked like we might have to try to jump over it but it turned out to be dry. We clambered down the bank in the dark and up the other side. Before us now was a eight foot high rickety chain link fence with barbed wire on top. I asked Jake if we were following the right people. Fans were ducking through a large hole in the fence only to be held up by another fence equally as high but with no barbed wire. This one we had to climb and then drop down the other side. All that was left to do was scramble up a hill to the road outside the stadium.

Rio Tinto Stadium

I had ordered the tickets over the Internet and printed them at home. To enter Rio Tinto Stadium all we had to do was to have the tickets checked with a hand scanner. Jake and I made our way to Section 16, Row H, Seats 12 and 13. The seats were comfortable and the temperature was cool but pleasant. Everyone around us was happy and rightly so, it was the Western Conference Championship and their team was playing. For a report of the game see RSL bounced from playoffs. It is a terrific stadium and we were close to the pitch. Except for the smoke bombs the crowd was well behaved. Despite the 1-0 loss by RSL Jake and I enjoyed the game and will probably go again. Except this time no jumping streams and scaling fences for me.
Real Salt Lake advance against the Red Bulls.
Smoke bomb in the Red Bull goal.
Real Salt Lake on the attack.
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