The Rickety Doctrine

Sarah Palin in Kuwait.

Palin Doctrine

Recently when Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin was asked a question about the Bush Doctrine, she seemed unsure about what it was. If she’d have had her own Palin Doctrine in place she could have said something like, “Forget about the Bush Doctrine, you should be studying the Palin Doctrine, which says…”

To help out Governor Palin, I have compiled the Rickety Doctrine to illustrate that it is not difficult to assemble your own statement of policy. But first we’ll take a look at previous Doctrines.

Monroe Doctrine

President James Monroe presented the doctrine during his seventh State of the Union Address to Congress in 1823. It stated that European powers could no longer colonize or interfere in the Americas. The United States would stay neutral in wars between European powers unless a war occurred in the Americas, which would then be viewed as hostile to the United States.

Truman Doctrine

This Doctrine stated that the United States would offer assistance to countries resisting Communism. The proclamation was made in an address to Congress on March 12, 1947.

Eisenhower Doctrine

In a message to Congress on January 5, 1957 the Doctrine stated that the Unites States would use armed forces upon request in response to imminent aggression to the Middle East.

Kennedy Doctrine

The Kennedy Doctrine refers to foreign policy initiatives towards Latin America. Support was voiced for the containment of Communism and the reversal of Communist progress in the Western Hemisphere. It was presented in President Kennedy’s inaugural address on January 20, 1961.

Johnson Doctrine

The Johnson Doctrine declared in 1965 that domestic revolution in the Western Hemisphere would no longer be a local matter when “the object is the establishment of a Communist dictatorship.”

Nixon Doctrine

The Doctrine was presented in a press conference in Guam on July 25, 1969. It states that United States allies should take care of their own military defense. But if a nuclear power threatens the freedom of an allied nation a shield will be provided.

Carter Doctrine

The Carter Doctrine proclaimed in the January 23, 1980 State of the Union Address that the United States would use military force to defend its national interests in the Persian Gulf region.

Reagan Doctrine

This Doctrine advocated the backing of anti-Communist guerrillas against Communist governments. It was first explained in Reagan’s 1985 State of the Union Address.

Clinton Doctrine

In a February 26, 1999 speech this Doctrine was outlined as intervening “where our values and our interests are at stake, and where we can make a difference.”

Rickety Doctrine

First presented to the world on September 18, 2008 the Rickety Doctrine advocates a massive but orderly reduction of the nation’s military presence overseas. A drive to greatly reduce oil consumption, with tax credits as incentives, will result in more hydro, solar, wind, coal, and nuclear generated electricity; electric cars; and telecommuting. Entangling alliances will be terminated and deficit spending ended. Government will seek temporary special powers if necessary to accomplish these goals. Congress remained unaware of the new Doctrine.


The Rickety Doctrine will never come to pass but the Palin Doctrine, whatever it will be, may very well be talked about in the next few years. If Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is asked in some future interview what the Rickety Doctrine is, don’t be too hard on her if she doesn’t know.
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  1. It states that United States allies should take car of their own military defense. Maybe they should take tank of their own military defense.

  2. That would be a long shot. Thanks I will fix it.

  3. If Sarah Palin has to know what the Bush doctrine is… I think a question about the Rickety doctrine is a legitimate.

  4. Oops! In this case legitimate is a noun :)

  5. The Rickety Doctrine is not widely known. It is still in its first draft and is a little um … rickety.

  6. I’ll support your doctrine! It seems to me to be sensible.

    A while ago I blogged about doctrines, too, and established my own, the “MoBoy Doctrine”! at:

  7. I like your doctrine. It is something that everyone can do.

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