What Rick Needs

Using Google search for amusement

Searching for What Rick Needs

Here is something I found amusing. I saw it on Titania’s blog a few days ago. The idea is to search on Google with your name first and then needs, for example Rick needs. I tried using Rickety needs but the results were nonsensical. Here are the first ten Rick needs that Google listed when I searched on Wednesday:

  1. Rick needs a massage.
  2. Rick Needs YOU!
  3. To run a strong race Rick needs our help, including financial help.
  4. Rick needs to be cloned.
  5. Rick needs bail money.
  6. The only weight Rick needs to be trying to deal is to see if NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, Atkins, Slim fast and Weight Watchers will let him be the spokesperson for his next rap album.
  7. Rick needs to borrow your engine hoist.
  8. Rick‘s cool but he needs to open up more.
  9. Rick needs to tag the load instead of letting the guy wire tag it for him.
  10. What Rick needs now: partnerships with ad agencies that want to deliver big, beautiful graphics to their clients.

Amalgamating What Rick Needs

Now try and connect the ideas of all ten results together in one sentence. I have numbered the part of the sentence that matches the search results. For example, in the sentence below to pay is the essence of search result number 3, including financial help.

Cool (8) Rick needs you (2) to pay (3) for his massage (1) with bail money (5) to help him lose weight (6) so he doesn’t need an engine hoist (7) to lift him but he really should tag himself (9) before he is cloned (4) or produces any graphics (10).

If you try it yourself, share your results in the comments.

Results may vary by location and could be skewed by personalization based on your web history. Results may not amuse and are not insured by the FDIC. No animals were harmed during computations and all-electric search engines were employed to protect the environment.


  1. Hi Rick,
    Now those were good! And funny! I liked how you kicked it up a notch with the amalgamation of your name result. Bravo. :o)

  2. Thank you for the great idea, I had never seen it before. It was fun putting it together. Curiously it seems to work for most names.

  3. Ha ha this is great! It is really funny. I liked the amalgamating as well. Here is some of mine:
    1. Dan needs 4 pieces of tape.
    2. Dan needs life support.
    3. Dan needs an antenna.
    4. Dan Needs To Install A Pop-Up Killer.
    5. “Super Danneeds to improve tactically and mentally.

  4. It is funny and it does seem to work for most names. I would imagine that the 4 pieces of tape are duct tape. Thanks for posting what you need. As your father I am glad there wasn’t a Dan needs money!

  5. You won’t be needing a car in Mongolia.

  6. There was a Dan needs a new car! Ha Ha, I don’t but there it was really there. I was too afraid to lose the van I already drive.

  7. I’m also Rick and i don’t need any of that stuff.

  8. Rick,

    Ah, but you’ve not lived until you’ve been cloned. Are you sure that you are you?


  9. What paradigm, if any, would you create if you list the first 10 site’s of “rick needs”? Over time, the browser will shift and new needs will appear…perhaps listing the rick’s needs sets about filling needs? Interesting.

  10. Does your blog have a contact page? I’m having problems locating it but, I’d like to send you an email.
    I’ve got some recommendations for your blog you might be interested in hearing. Either way, great website and I look forward to seeing it grow over time.

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