Jill Harvests Zucchini Bread

Jill picks her zucchini to make bread
Jill has been growing a garden this year and she has done well with peas, zucchini, tomatoes, and peppers. I wanted to tear out our rickety swing set and plant corn but that was vetoed. What will I run my car on now? Gasoline?! The garden has done well with Jill’s new micro tubing watering system. If you will recall, the system was featured on Serf Day where I helped to install it.

Incidentally, Jill doesn’t generally garden in her skirt but it was Sunday and we still had one more appointment to keep. Here is what the bread looks like. Tasted really good too. Straight from the garden into my big fat mouth.
Jill offers her zucchini bread. Try some.


  1. It tastes really good. I’m a big fan of bread to begin with though.

  2. does begetable bread taste good. im not a fan of veges but i think ill try eating vege bread one day. :)


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