Jill’s birthday

Today is Jill’s birthday. We celebrated with the family on Memorial Day so there was only one gift today (from me). A 4GB Creative Zen so that Jill can listen to audio books while she is riding FrontRunner to work. I picked the Zen because it has bookmarks which a lot of mp3 players do not have.


  1. MP3 player >> Birthday gift.. not a bad idea! Since last month, I was confused about what gift to buy for my sweet girl, but now it’s solved, I’d definitely buy a MP3 player … well, thanks for the nice idea

  2. Happy birthday to your sweet girl. Make sure you get one with an FM radio as well as bookmarks. I use the radio most of the time.

  3. The radio is one of the best things about the Zen. Why can’t the ipod catch up?

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