Last month from January 17-23, Philadelphia became the first city in nearly 50 years to reestablish National Thrift Week. National Thrift Week was an American social movement that was begun in 1916 and continued until 1966, when it was abandoned. Apparently for many, thrift has been a forgotten virtue for the last few decades but […]

Paul on Politics: Market versus Government Economy

Government distorts the market My guest writer today on the Rickety blog is my uncle Paul. Your comments are welcome. A Productive Economy Money for services and service jobs arises out of a productive economy — not vice versa. Moreover, service jobs are useful to the economy only if the service furnishes increased value to […]

Why a Congestion Tax should be Blocked

The Utah Taxpayers Association is calling for congestion pricing on Utah’s freeways. It is supposed to work by electronically monitoring freeway traffic and charging more when freeways are congested. There are a number of problems with such a system.

Memorial Day 2008

Memorial Day found our family in Brigham City ready to work in my father-in-law’s yard. It was rainy heavily when we arrived so we sat in the living room thinking we wouldn’t be able to tackle the yard.