Derek, Sarah, and Bryson

Jill holding Bryson at the hospital

Jill holding Bryson at the hospital

It was a happy day as Bryson Henry Moss came into the world. Finally you can call me Grandpa Rickety. Here is how it all happened. Sarah had been having some labor pains Thursday so we were expecting an early arrival. On Friday morning Derek sent an email to Jill that read:

He was born last night!
Bryson Henry Moss, 7 lbs, 6 oz, 21 inches long!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations Grandma!!!!!!

It turns out he was just kidding so on Sunday Jill was skeptical when this text message arrived at 10:32pm:

We’re in the hospital. They are going to start her in probably a couple of hours. We’ll spend the night and probably have the baby some time in the morning.

Jill called Derek to see if he was joking again. This time it was the real thing. We went to sleep. Well, I did but Jill was too excited and she stayed up awhile longer. I told her to go to sleep, the baby isn’t going anywhere. Jill and I had already arranged to be off work on Monday because Sarah was going to be started today anyway. The following text messages arrived from Derek to keep us posted on the birth:

5:13am — She just had the eperderal put in. Jill texted: Dilated to what? Derek: Don’t know but she’s doing great now.
6:49am — She is at a 4, the doctor is here.
6:53am — Jill texted: Is the water broken? Derek: I think the doctor just broke it.
9:30am — She is at a 7 now.
11:13am — 9.
11:14am — Jill texted: Is the doctor there? Derek: No. He’s delivering another baby.
11:29am — She’s going to start pushing in a couple of minutes.
12:13pm — 8 lbs. 13 oz., 22 inches.

Bryson Henry Moss born 12:05pm., 8 lbs. 13 oz., 22 inches.

Congratulations Sarah and Derek. In a few days check Derek’s blog for some baby snaps.
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