Archives for September 2009

Vernal Utah Temple

Like the Logan temple we moved to a terrestrial room half way through the session. The celestial room was beautiful. It was quite large, bigger than Ogden. It had a high ceiling and a large painting of Jesus Christ — what one would expect in a celestial room.

Salt Lake Utah Temple

When my family lived in Bountiful, before the Bountiful temple was built, we were in the Salt Lake temple district. My son Steven married Adelaide in the Salt Lake temple and we have visited the beautiful grounds many times. When Ezra Taft Benson was the prophet I attended a solemn assembly where he was in attendance.

Saint George Utah Temple

I have visited the grounds before but in October was the first time that I entered the temple. This was the first temple built in Utah and is the oldest operating temple. Even though it is in the heart of the city the grounds are quiet. There is no angel Moroni statue atop this temple. The Saint George temple is the first temple where endowments for the dead were performed.

Missionary Dan Email #34 from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

I am still in the same area. I’ve been here for 3 months now. It doesn’t seem quite that long. Maybe next transfer I’ll get to leave the city, since I haven’t left it yet. Lots of missionaries like the country-side, so it would be fun to be able to see what it is like.

Provo Utah Temple

I have seen the temple several times but this visit was the first time that I entered. Bringing four missionaries to the MTC ensures that I am quite familiar with the temple’s exterior. The temple really looks majestic with the mountains as a backdrop.This is a sister temple to the Ogden temple.

Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple

I saw the Oquirrh Mountain temple under construction so I exited and took the photographs. It didn’t look much like a temple except that it was on a hill. If the yellow material is insulation, I wonder why the spire has to be insulated? By October all the yellow material was gone.

Ogden Utah Temple

I lived in the Ogden temple district for several years. The temple used to have escalators to take you to the upper floors. They were removed and replaced with stairs. The celestial room seems very small and plain compared with other large temples. I am very fond of the Ogden temple and always enjoy a visit there.

Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple

This temple is almost a carbon copy of the Bountiful temple. Only the patron entrances were different with Bountiful facing north and Timpanogos facing west. There are some second floor differences and the Timpanogos cafeteria didn’t allow substitutions.

Monticello Utah Temple

I have never visited the Monticello temple. Half way through the session we relocated to a terrestrial room. The celestial room was smaller than the one at Vernal but still very beautiful and peaceful. A temple worker showed us one of the sealing rooms.