Missionary Dan Email #27 from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Presented here are portions of Elder Daniel Willoughby’s twenty seventh email from the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission. If anyone wishes to send Daniel a message, write it in the comments and I will make sure he receives it.

Daniel on a mount overlooking Ulaanbataar.

Daniel (right) on a mount overlooking Ulaanbataar.

The Difference In Derek

Thanks for all the awesome pictures. I really enjoyed them. The only difference I can see in Derek is that… his bow tie is cricked…. Oh wait that’s a tie. Ummm… he shaved that day? He started eating baby food? He isn’t wearing a missionary tag? I don’t know looks the same to me.

Missionary Work

This week felt like it was a month. It was a really strange feeling. Our part-member’s husband, Tortogdokh, got baptized this week. He was an awesome investigator the whole time we taught him. He had a great baptismal day as well. His wife was excited for him to become a member and so were some other missionaries that had tried to get him baptized for months.

Baptism of Tortogdokh

Baptism of Tortogdokh

While we were waiting for our ALA family to get home on Thursday we decided to climb up the mountain near their house. We raced to the top, took a few pictures and then headed back down. When we got to the bottom another member that lived in that area called after us. We at first ignored him because it isn’t unusual for people to call after us. We decided to stop and see what he wanted. He turned out to be a member of the Church who was baptized about 8 years ago. He invited us in and fed us really fast as we listened to what he had to say. He had a son that served a mission as well. He hadn’t been going to church lately because he had moved so we invited him back. It was great that our little hike turned out to be really productive.

We also were able to go on an exchange Friday to double our efforts with the work. My companion went with the new senior couple missionaries and I went with a mini missionary. The day was great and we accomplished a lot. The senior couple also really enjoyed themselves and impressively could bear their testimonies quite well.

Our recently baptized member invited us over to dinner yesterday. We went with some missionaries that are going home this week. His wife was their new member about a year ago and the missionaries came to say good bye. The food was good but my companion and I unfortunately got food poisoning. So last night was quite the adventure with our stomach’s discarding the food as it felt it needed to. We originally planned to go to the country side today, but instead did our best to recover. We are both doing good now, just a little tired.

The youth right now go to mutual and things like that. They had youth conference about 2 months ago. They seem to do similar things as we do in America. Most of them are starting up school here soon.
Love, Elder Willoughby
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