Missionary Dan Email #8 from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Daniel (left) with companion (right) and Mongon Od

Daniel (left) with companion (right) and Mongon Od

Presented here are portions of Elder Daniel Willoughby’s eighth email from the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission. If anyone wishes to send Daniel a message, write it in the comments and I will make sure he receives it.

Thanks for all the pictures. They are really good to see. I am grateful to hear that everyone is doing well.

Missionary Work

The work here is moving at lightning speed. My companion and I are still running some days to keep up with the busy schedule. We have more referrals than we can contact at the moment. We have an investigator that asked when she can be baptized. Erdenmohx knows that the Book of Mormon is true and has such great desire. We held a fast to help her family accept the Church and not be so against it. Yesterday at church she said her family was OK with the Church. The Lord has greatly blessed us.

Mongon Od, our investigator, came with us to the fireside yesterday. The fireside was so full that maybe 30 people were standing with every seat filled. It was quite the site to see. They are incredible! After the fireside he said he wanted to serve a mission. We will work with him to get baptism first. :)

The Mongolian members are truly amazing. It is hard to imagine that the Church has only been here for 16 years. My branch has 130 members that attend almost every Sunday. All of them are so welcoming to those joining the Church. They are so good at doing their best to magnify their callings. The members are so faithful. For some they have to travel a long way to get to church. I am always learning things from them.

English Class

My English class taught me how to be a better English teacher this week. They told me things they want me to do for them. The funny thing is I am just here to get them to speak English, not teach them. So, when they are telling me what they want to learn, it is a good way to get them speaking English. So many Mongolians desire to learn English. It is so great. There is a picture of two of my students that drew the pictures with descriptions from their class mates. They are very good at English and I am happy when they speak to me.

Students From Daniel's English Class

Students from Daniel’s English class

What I learned from my Dad

As I have pondered about how I have a great desire to serve the Lord and be a member in His church I reflect back to what my Dad taught me. When I was young he taught me by example how to go to church. There wasn’t one day where my Dad didn’t go to church. I always went because my Dad did. I remember at a young age earning 30 cents and paying tithing. Three cents! I pay tithing because my Dad did and does. When I turned 14 my dad took me home teaching. He taught me by example first how to set appointments and be on time. Then he let me do it. I learned from his example. He was observing from my decisions and was careful not to destroy my agency while still directing me on a good path.

I love you, Dad. You taught me faith. You believed in me. I always felt of your trust that you had for me. Your example of how you showed your faith was the greatest gift you gave to me. There were few things you asked me to do. When you asked me to do something, I did my best to do it. I follow you because I respect you as my father that wants what is best for me. I trust you. You have great faith. I look forward to learning more things from you. Thanks Dad for teaching me correct principles and then letting me govern myself and learn how to be independent while I was in the safety of your house of order. I love you.

To Jake

I will never forget all the times we spent together when we were young. You were and are my good friend. Sometimes I wasn’t very nice to you. I’m sorry. I love how you always encourage me to go beyond myself. When I hear something from you I always want to make sure to ponder it. I love you.

To Paul

Teaching simply is the key to missionary work. Your advice has helped me more than I thought it would. I realize now that you were teaching me missionary things without telling me anything. Your example of how you do things in the Singles Ward was a great help to me. Your simple lessons to me before were the best things ever. Thanks for keeping me on the right track. I love you.

To Sarah

Thanks Sarah for always taking care of me. I learned from you how to be loving and caring. I remember always trying to bug you when I was small. I also remember when you taught me algebra in 6th grade. You were always teaching me things. Thank you. I love you. Derek is the best. He has been an example to me as well. I liked how he was always happy to see me when you both visited.

To Steven

I have always looked up to you as an example. I always wanted to have friends like yours and go on dates like you did. Thanks for the great example you show me by how much effort you put into your callings. You picked a good wife, I think I started to like her very early. I love you both.

To Mom

It is good to hear about what the family is up too. This is a very exciting time for everyone. Steven will have to do some push ups first to carry that table out of his old apartment. ;)

The weather has warmed up quite a bit. I am wearing the outer part of Steven’s jacket. It has snowed a few times this week. It is probably 20 degrees sometimes but I don’t notice. I have adjusted to the weather here. I can see my breath on some days and I feel too warm. :) As for the boots, we bought those before I came.

The Mongolians are working on family history right now. Any stories or papers that would help teach about family history would be great. The Mongolians are really interested in families. Most families if not all have 3 to 4 kids. I always mention how our family attends church and that if they attend church their families can become closer.

I will always be grateful for you Mom. I always felt that you cared and still feel your love for me. Thanks for working hard. The things you taught me have helped me on my mission — how to give of my time and things that I have. I learned how to be selfless from you. Thanks for all the love you have shown me in my life Mom, I love you.

Love, Elder Willoughby
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