Missionary Dan Email #4 from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Presented here are portions of Elder Daniel Willoughby’s fourth email from the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission.

Ulaanbaatar at Dawn.;
Ulaanbaatar at Dawn

Thanks Steven for sending the pictures. Baby Aurora looks great! It is great to see how the gospel has blessed our family so much.

Happy Birthday DAD!!! I’m sure you still look good for how old you’re getting. :)

Thanks Paul for teaching me so much, and Jake the things you told me are very true principles. Meeting with Clay Frandsen so much before coming was a really good thing for me. All that I learned in mission prep class is starting to make sense.

I am doing great! I feel like I’ve learned a month’s time of information in one week. Has it really been one week? This mission is absolutely amazing. I am in Ulaanbataar Central area. This week was Tsagaan Sar. It is basically the Mongolian’s Christmas. Many Mongolians are busy during this time so President Andersen had us visit members and teach them about family history. The members here are awesome. We ate at probably ten members houses this week. Lots and lots of potato salad kind of thing and buuz — some kind of dumpling with meat in it. I loved the food it was great. There was also lots of candy! Yum. :) They also gave us gifts and I got to wear Mongolian traditional clothing. It was really cool to see such a difference in culture. I really enjoyed it and really respect Mongolian culture. I don’t know all about it yet but I’m learning so quickly.

All mail goes to the mission home with the address Sister Andersen gave out. I received a letter from Andrew Steinicke. I really honestly do not need anything and I actually have way too much stuff already. My Mongolian companion I respect a lot. He has so little yet serves diligently and has great knowledge of the gospel.

This mission is so different from Atlanta. We have ALA, PMF, and investigators. ALA is a less active. We have nine that we visit as often as we can. When they come back to church we get another one. We also visit part member families and strengthen them. President Andersen was told to strengthen the members here. Along with doing those we also get referrals like crazy from members and from the street by talking to people. I have been so blessed with the gift of tongues and with the Lord’s help am able to talk to Mongolians and get referrals now (address, phone number).

I was able to bear my testimony in sacrament meeting again. Afterwards some people said they felt something. I know it was the Holy Ghost giving me the words to say to help the Mongolians.

The Mongolians are very loving people. So willing to accept the gospel. So full of faith. I have yet to see an investigator who wouldn’t pray. When we shared scriptures with members they get all their kids and have each one read from it. They are excited about the gospel. It is a such a good thing. It makes me happy. They show us pictures of their families. Talk about their missions. It’s so impressive. They always love to see pictures of my family and are so interested in them. Families are a great blessing.

Truly this is the truth. I have no doubt of it. My knowledge of the gospel has increased so rapidly. I will humbly learn as much as I can to be the best instrument in His hands.

Thanks Mom and Dad. I love you a lot and I realize how much you’ve done for me now. Dad I will forever be grateful for your example of dedication to the Church. I love you Dad.

Steven, Paul, and Jake you’ve been a great example to me and I’d be nowhere without you. Thanks for being great brothers. Sarah thanks for being a great sister. You taught me a lot growing up and I am grateful. You maybe should have taught me how to spell better. :)

To MTC teachers: My respect for all of you has grown a lot. Cannon Ax I saw your picture in a member’s photo album. Thanks again for your hard work.

To Jake: I found that the way to measure faith is by hope and charity. And without charity…faith and hope are useless.

Love, Elder Willoughby

If anyone wishes to ask Daniel a question or to send him a message, write it in the comments and I will make sure he receives it.
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