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Past Pictures: Daniel Campaigns for Student Body Officer

Daniel’s 2007 Student Body Officer campaign video.

Missionary Dan Email #8 from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

My English class taught me how to be a better English teacher this week. They told me things they want me to do for them. The funny thing is I am just here to get them to speak English, not teach them. So, when they are telling me what they want to learn, it is a good way to get them speaking English.

Problems with Checking Finder Identity Check

Potential problems applying through Checking Finder in proving your identity. Recommendations on how to pass the security question test.

Missionary Dan Email #7 from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

On Saturday they were asking me if the material they had for 6th graders was hard enough. I searched deep into my mind and tried to remember what English grammar I was learning in 6th grade but not much to my surprise I couldn’t remember. I said, “I don’t know… looks good…”

Our Visit to the Dallas Texas Temple

An endowment is a sacred ordinance. Endowments take place in a dedicated House of the Lord, or temple just like the Dallas temple. Temples were centers of religious worship anciently and Mormons build temples today to administer the ancient ordinances of salvation that have been restored to the earth.

Bryson Picture Book of Fort Worth Water Gardens

We are headed to the south end of downtown Fort Worth. Next to the Fort Worth Convention Center are the 4.3 acres of the Water Gardens, built in 1974.

Assassination on Elm Street

The X is located on Elm Street in Dallas and marks the location where President Kennedy was shot. Just before 12:30 p.m., Kennedy’s limousine entered Dealey Plaza and slowly approached the Texas School Book Depository. When the Presidential limousine turned and passed the Depository and continued down Elm Street, shots were fired at Kennedy.

An X in The Road of History

I have for you this evening a small puzzle. In the photograph I took today you see some feet and a large X in the road. The feet are mine and the X marks a significant event in history. The puzzle is to tell me what the event was.

Missionary Dan Email #6 from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

This week has been crazy busy. If I didn’t have the Lord’s help it would have been very hard to do. My English classes have increased to 10 hours a week. On Tuesday I teach for 4 hours. We have to run sometimes in order to be on time. I taught probably 6 different classes this week.