Kaysville 14th Ward Christmas Dinner

Jill helps herself to her Christmas dinner.

Jill at the ward Christmas dinner

Jill and I went to the ward Christmas dinner this evening. Jill signed up to cook some turkey breasts. She was given the meat and we took it along with us. We sat with our good friends the Petersons until it was time to eat. We then assembled in two lines that each split into four rows so the members could get their food faster. That way we were all soon served. There was a dessert table where you helped yourself. After we had eaten, a skit was shown on stage. It was about what the high priests dream about when they fall asleep in sacrament meeting. They did some sort of dance routine which everyone but me thought was funny. The dance was very co-ordinated though, considering it was high priests.

Singing a few Christmas songs was sufficient to get Santa to show up. There were a lot of children present — I do believe Santa will be there for a while, Ho Ho Ho!
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