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Volunteers to Visit More Households

50,000 Proposition 8 volunteers have already reached more than one million households up and down the state. These incredible results were accomplished by volunteers who devoted just a few hours of their time during two consecutive weekends. We need to increase this great effort if we want to ensure that Proposition 8 passes come November. If we each do our part, we can protect and restore marriage to the traditional definition that existed before 4 liberal judges working in San Francisco changed it.

Campaign Urges Supporters to Donate

We are up against a well-funded effort to redefine marriage for our children, our families and all of society. Our opponents have already reserved millions of dollars of television advertising, and no doubt have ads ready to confuse and obscure the issues at stake. We need to reserve our own TV and radio time to counter these efforts. With just 60 days left until the November election, the Proposition 8 Campaign is requesting supporters to donate. Targets the Youth Vote

In conjunction with the Pastors’ Rapid Response Network, we recently launched a Web site targeting the youth vote in California. At the Web site, young people in California can learn about the important issues involved in Proposition 8, and can sign up to help. targets teenagers and young adults both from secular and faith backgrounds. Miles McPherson, one of Proposition 8’s key supporters and senior pastor of the Rock Church in San Diego, says the site aims to reach out to all young voters, especially those who support same-sex marriage for the wrong reasons. McPherson, a former NFL player with the San Diego Chargers, said:

Right now they’re driven by the wrong information and a lot of emotion. They’ll say, “I don’t want to be called a bigot. I don’t want to discriminate.”

Making it clear that the Proposition 8 campaign is not “anti-gay” but pro-marriage, the site challenges its users with information in key areas: civil rights, kids, churches, education, public health, faith and society, showing that Proposition 8 is about much more than marriage alone. It shows young people how they can to take action for Proposition 8.
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  1. Hey!
    I don’t live in the states, so I had never heard about this sort of a campaign, but I must say .. it’s absolutely wonderful! The only thing is that I just can’t imagine how it works in real life. But it is for a nice cause and I’m all for it :)

    Thanks for sharing this, and ..
    Take care!


  2. How it works is that if enough people sign a petition then a proposition is put on the ballot for everyone in that state to vote on. The rules are different for each state. People are concerned about California’s marriage law because they believe that gays married there will be able to go to other states and insist that that state recognize their marriage.

    Living here in Utah we can help by blogging about it and sending money, which people are doing.

  3. People need to get into a right relation with God; then all else follows. Remember The Great Commandment; you love God first, then look after your fellow man.

    Easy divorce, contraception, abortion, greed, vulgar media and low public morals are eating away at Western society.

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