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The blogs listed below are termed DoFollow because they allow a link to your website you placed at the head of a comment to be followed by search engines. Note that links placed in the body of the comment will still be NoFollow but your website listing will be DoFollow. Many blogs use the NoFollow attribute to prevent your link from helping your ranking. Blogspot and WordPress both have NoFollow turned on by default. Some blogs delay removing the NoFollow and others require a certain number of comments. Those listed here are unrestricted as far as I can tell. This CuteWriting post by Lenin Nair explains in detail what DoFollow and NoFollow are and shows you how to turn your blog into a friendly DoFollow haven. To find blogs that are DoFollow take a look at DoFollow Diver (now discontinued) dofollow search engine. To check which blogs are DoFollow and for more information read my blog post.

Update: I have discontinued using the dofollow plugin to reduce the number of plugins I use. Also, websites that have closed down I have deleted from the list.

If I have placed your blog in the LDS Author category instead of General, or vice versa, let me know and I will fix it. Blogs are listed alphabetically.

Note: These lists are no longer updated

DoFollow Unrestricted Blogs (LDS Authors)
Failing at Inscrutability
I Love my Journal
Just a Girl
One Brick Shy
Papilia at Live Journal – Deleted and purged.
Pearls of Truth
Sixteen Small Stones
Stitch 7
This Delightful habit of Journaling
Tickle the Pear
Homespun Light

DoFollow Unrestricted Blogs (General)
3 Day Mom
3 Minutes
A Blogger Mother
Blogging Without A Blog
Clement Nyirenda’s blog world
Deepest Health
Got Chance Discontinued
Joel I Fernandes
Meikai Discontinued
Mom Gadget
Mommy Knows
Musings at Windyridge
My Online World
Online Social Networking
SEO Blog
Simple Kind Of Life
Simple Randomness Discontinued
Spark Plugging
Table for Five
Weblog Tools Collection
What’s That Smell?
Woman Tribune


  1. Hi Rick, many thanks for that.

  2. If anyone wants to know how to remove the “nofollow” attribute in WordPress there is a very simple plugin here. I had to search it out after I decided to join the ranks of the dofollowers. I thought it might be useful for others doing the same.

  3. Thanks for the link. I think a lot more bloggers would be dofollowers if they knew about nofollow.

  4. Hello Rick, thanks so much for letting me know this. Thanks to you I now have a DoFollow blog too. So please feel free to stop by from time to time.

  5. free software says:

    wow! this dofollow link is very good! thank you very much

  6. Thanks Ana. I will stop by and I will add you to my directory of DoFollow blogs.

  7. Thanks a lot for this list. I actually found your blog by searching for DoFollow blogs. I really enjoy your blog… it’s funny how it’s almost difficult now to find a “personal” blog when that’s how it all started out.

  8. Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by. I find a personal blog is easier to run because I can blog on a variety of topics. The family enjoy the photo gallery and occasionally one of them will guest write for me. I looked at your Netflix Review, it is informative and well put together. I once subscribed to Netflix and the very first DVD was lost in the mail. I had a difficult time canceling because I couldn’t find anyone to contact on their website. Since then they have fixed that. I have a friend who really likes the downloads option so maybe I will try that sometime.

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  15. Great list, just echoing what others have said. It helps to have a cluster of sites listed =)

  16. Thankyou for those list… had a tough time to search the dofollow site..

  17. YOR Health says:

    Thanks for sharing this list, very helpful. I’m glad that not everyone has hopped on the nofollow bandwagon

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  20. thanks for this; i’m forwarding it to my friends.

  21. I really appreciate the time you took to create this list, Rickety.

  22. Great list. Hopefully you keep them up to date. I find about 10% of my blog list switches back to nofollow :(

  23. I check the links often to see if they are still valid and at the same time check the pagerank. I haven’t checked if the sites are still DoFollow recently. Thanks for the reminder.

  24. Great list – I do appreciate you. Please do you work – it’s very socially.

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    To many times on Do Follow blogs I see the spammers to cascade the page with nearly 50 links. Every last one of them gets dismissed! Thanks.

  28. Thanks for the sharing Rick.The key blog commenting is to make intelligent and insightful comments that add value to the discussion. Spammy or shallow comments that add nothing to the discussion will, more often than not, result in a post and or link being removed.

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    Good luck, Rick!

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    my blog is pr3 now and its dofollow.

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