Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is your blog called Rickety?

In raising our children Jill and I felt that it was important that they be computer literate. Each of our five children had their own computer and they didn’t need any encouragement to use them. Occasionally I would play a MMORPG with them and would use the handle Rickety which combines Rick with the unsteadiness of age. I rather believe that our children did become computer literate with two of them Computer Science graduates and two more Computer Engineering graduates.

2. Why do you blog?

Elder Ballard put the idea into my head so I decided to contribute to the cause with my own blog. I also see my blog as a journal which records not only what I do but also my opinions on various subjects. Perhaps the articles I write will influence someone for good. Also see Why Blog?

3. What blog software do you use?

WordPress hosted on Host Monster. Host Monster has SimpleScripts available which I used to easily install WordPress. In October 2009 I began using the Lifestyle theme by StudioPress. Subsequently I used the Lexicon theme and currently I use the eleven40 theme. See Technical for changes I have made to the theme.

4. Why did you choose a general blog?

One subject would be hard to blog on daily whereas with a general blog any topic can be posted. I’m blogging with an audience of family and friends so I do not have the concerns about driving traffic to my blog to earn revenue.

5. Do have any traffic statistics?

Yes, see Best of Rickety.

6. Are your photographs copyrighted?

My posts and pages, including photographs, are copyrighted under a Creative Commons license. I resize most of my images to 1200 or 1500 pixels wide before generating smaller post sizes and thumbnails. If you need a higher resolution I have available in most cases the original 3264 x 2448 or 4000 x 3000 resolution photographs stored off line that I will share.

7. How much does your blog cost?

My costs are minimal: $5.95/month for hosting and $8 a year for the domain from Moniker. There was a one time cost of $53.96 for the Lifestyle theme that was my first paid theme.

There are many great themes for free, you do not have to buy one. Make sure you download them from the official WordPress source.


  1. Rick, Alan from work suggested that I talk to you. I ride in the same van as him. So I have been looking into amassing some food storage (500 lbs) and have been looking at pros and cons of various packaging. I, like every one else, am trying to do it for as little as possible. Do you have a preference between the pouches (mylar), #10 cans, and 5 gallon buckets? Would you think its important to put food in mylar pouches and then inside buckets? Have you ever heard anything bad about diatomaceous earth (sp?)? Any sources you have or ideas would be great. Thanks,

    • I like the #10 cans as I feel that wheat etc. that is stored in them will be the most protected. Presumably you are storing for uncertain times so I would not scrimp on the packaging. I’m a big fan of the #10 cans and I am willing to pay extra for them. However, others may feel differently.

      I have some food in 5 gallons buckets but I am gradually replacing them with #10 cans. I don’t know if you have visited http://providentliving.org/?lang=eng recently but they put up new material quite often.

      A high priority I think is to get out of debt and gradually build up one’s storage rather than go all out and buy a lot of food but still owe money.

      I am not familiar with diatomaceous earth.

      You are doing a great thing in preparing for hard times. I used my food storage a lot when I was out of work 24 years ago. And I make sure I rotate through it now.

  2. Rickety, are you still out there? I found this and it helped me see what is going on more clearly, and helped me help my husband, relatives and friends open their eyes as well. Thank you so much, Pam in PA :)

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