Paul on Politics: Silly Sophistry of Consensus

My guest writer today is my uncle Paul. Notion of Consensus Today’s conventional wisdom touts consensus as the ideal for a congress or legislators to seek. However, conventional wisdom isn’t always right or wise, nor is consensus necessarily a noble goal. Consider this: Consensus means average. Do you want our ambitions to be just average? […]

Paul on Politics: The Worth of Third Parties

Third parties always decide an election. For that matter, minor groups decide elections. The percentage difference in an election is usually quite close. Consequently, that condition causes the minimal number of voters plus one to decide the election.

Paul on Politics: Market versus Government Economy

Government distorts the market My guest writer today on the Rickety blog is my uncle Paul. Your comments are welcome. A Productive Economy Money for services and service jobs arises out of a productive economy — not vice versa. Moreover, service jobs are useful to the economy only if the service furnishes increased value to […]

Paul on Politics: How to Reduce the Federal Deficit

How to reduce the Federal deficit? Lopping off a percentage across the board is one strategy and used most of the time. I don’t prefer that type of approach because it may reduce programs that are performing for us.