Jake Skydives in Ogden

My son Jake called us today from the Ogden Skydiving Center. He said come quickly to watch him skydive. We arrived as his plane was taking off. Here is his account.

Jake tandem skydiving over Ogden

Jake tandem skydiving over Ogden

Invitation To Skydive

Matt Hall invited me earlier this week to go skydiving, it is one of those things I have always wanted to do in my life so I answered “Yes” without hesitation. After thinking I added, “If my grades are good enough to keep my scholarship.” Matt picked me up and we arrived and we signed up with the group. In order to fly I had to sign a liability contract, initialing every paragraph and also writing a statement saying I understood that I might be seriously injured or even die. The instructor gave the first time jumpers a few tips: crouch by the door and don’t hold on to anything; put your head slightly back and let the instructor jump; after leaving the plane make sure you arch by pushing your hips forward and bending your legs back; when landing hold your legs out in front so you can glide to a stop.

Why Am I Doing This?

Skydive Ogden plane.

Matt and I got assigned to the last of four plane rides, so I was able to see a few jumps before I went up. My jump buddy suited me up and we were the first into the plane. The plane took off and circled along the mountains climbing to about 11,500 feet. When over the airport once again, they opened the plane and the first few people dived out of the plane. That is probably the only time I thought, “I am crazy, why am I doing this?” But it quickly passed.

The other jumpers jumped rather quickly and without incident. When my time came I did as I was instructed and we did three flips out of the plane and then stabilized. My jump buddy showed my how to steer as we were free falling, and steering around I enjoyed the view and the feeling. It was just about the same as flying in a plane except there is no plane and the ground gets big really fast.

It Was A Blast

The instructor pulled the ripcord and we quickly jerked to a slow fall. After a few seconds he gave me the ropes and showed me how to control the chute. It was a blast going left then right and diving — I could even feel some G’s as I make the chute turn as tight as possible. Once we got closer to the ground the instructor took the ropes and glided us in close. There were already two people on the landing grass, so my instructor yelled, “Look out!” and glided us between the two. We quickly vacated the grass so people behind could land.

Flying around thousands of feet in the air is a blast! I hope to be able to do it again soon.

Paul, Jake's brother, waiting by the hangar.

Paul, Jake’s brother, waiting by the hangar.

Jake's skydiving plane takes off.

Jake and Matt’s skydiving plane takes off.

Skydiving photographer comes in first to land.

One of the skydiving photographers comes in first to land.

Jake near the end of his first skydive.

Jake near the end of his first skydive.

Jake lands from his skydive.

Jake lands from his skydive.

Matt and Jake receive skydiving certificates.

Matt and Jake receive skydiving certificates.

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  1. Derek and Sarah says

    From Sarah: SKYDIVING! CRAZY!


  2. You really want to have your camera ready. It is surprising how close they land to the hangar. It cost Jake $170. For anyone over 200 pounds it costs an additional $2 per pound.

  3. Calculated my cost. Just under $3000.

  4. Jake,

    When are you planning on going skydiving again?

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