Brigham City Temple West Spire Beginnings

Brigham City Temple west spire beginnings

With the east spire well under construction, the west spire has its beginnings

Thursday found me in Brigham City for the funeral of Kamdyn Ross Brown. I was a little early so I stopped for a few minutes to take photographs of the construction of the Brigham City Temple. My last post about the Brigham City Temple construction was 15 days ago. Then I focused on the east spire. Today one can see the base of the west spire appearing and also part of the roof of the temple. The temple’s angel Moroni will be placed on the east spire.

Two of the photographs, when clicked, will show the same view, only much closer. Let me know what you think of the larger format of this post over a regular post. While the photographs are larger it can be annoying reading text that is spread so wide.

Brigham City Temple west spire

The base of the west spire takes shape

Brigham City Temple workers atop east spire

Construction workers can be seen at the very top of the east spire

Brigham City History

Colonization (continued)

All the people were poor and worked hard, but they found time for rest and recreation. The young girls made games involving their work, such as competition between neighbors to see who could produce the whitest laundry. They organized spinning clubs where each girl would bring her wheel and yarn and visit while she worked.

The women also mingled work with play as they gathered husks to fill mattresses and held quilting and rag bees where everyone quilted or sewed carpet rags for homemade carpets. These work socials often ended with dancing and singing.

Lars Mortensen frequently invited neighbors and friends to the two largest rooms in his home for dancing. Parents would bring their babies and tuck them away on top of clothes in closets while they danced. Lars Christensen played his fiddle, and refreshments were always home-made rootbeer and molasses cookies. Tickets were bought with a few potatoes, corn or other produce.

When Lorenzo Snow learned that two brothers, Peter and Alexander Baird, had organized a dramatic association in Perry, he asked them to come to Brigham City to play and entertain people. They did this during the winter seasons for many years. (From:

Brigham City Temple construction

Brigham City Temple construction seen from the south east corner of the lot

Brigham City Temple roof beginnings

The beginnings of the temple roof is visible between the spires

Brigham City Temple concrete pump truck boom frames east spire

Concrete pump truck boom frames the east spire

Photo Credit: Rick Willoughby
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